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Wendy Davis: Beverly is the leader we need

This email is personal for me. It’s about the county I grew up in and the Senate district I proudly served.

Today, that district is represented by a Republican who has put her dangerous political ideology above the people that she was elected to serve, undermining so much of the work we did together to support our schools, our County’s economy and the health and well-being of our families.

In 2018, voters in Texas Senate District 10 have a chance to once again put the interests of their community first. That’s why I’m thrilled to endorse my friend, Beverly Powell. Beverly is a no nonsense, common sense leader with a passion for serving people rather than a political ideology – exactly what we need.

If you agree that Tarrant County families deserve a strong effective leader like Beverly in the Texas State Senate, I’m asking you to chip in $10 today to help Beverly win back Senate District 10.

I’ve known Beverly for years, and you may know her too. Beverly has spent a decade serving children, families and educators as a Burleson ISD Trustee and is a tireless advocate for Texas Wesleyan University and the East Fort Worth community it calls home. She has helped raise over a million dollars in college scholarship funds to assure that a bright future is made available to our young people, regardless of their financial circumstances. Beverly was born in Tarrant County, has spent a lifetime serving it, and is the person we need fighting for Tarrant County in Austin.

Now is the time to stand up, fight back, and send a real leader to the Texas Senate who knows how to get things done - Beverly is that leader.

Your friend,

Wendy Davis

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