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Konni Burton's misleading attack- Part 1

Recently on Inside Texas Politics, in response to a question about her priorities for the state legislature, Konni Burton responded with a misleading attack, insinuating I had not fully paid property taxes. The bottom line, the business taxes Burton questioned have been paid. My partners and I and have always kept the best interests of employees and our community at heart.

There's a reason Konni Burton deflects and distracts when asked about her priorities – because they reflect the direction given to her by the Empower Texans special interest PAC and the West Texas billionaires who fund her campaign, and not the priorities of the voters of SD10. Burton’s voting record is indefensible—from property taxes, to the economy to serving our school children, Konni Burton has failed us. Here are just a few examples of Burton’s indefensible votes:

  • Burton has vocally touted a state budget that required 14% local property value increases, which will continue to force local property taxes to skyrocket. [SB1, 5/27/2017, Journal Page 3788]
  • Burton voted for a 2017 private school voucher bill that could have cut up to $50 million from local public schools and instead divert your tax dollars to private schools. [SB 3, 3/30/2017, Journal Page 828; CPPP, 4/7/2017
  • Burton voted against a bipartisan bill to allow Texas military communities, like Fort Worth, San Antonio or Killeen, to request additional state grants to make improvements in order to guard against future economically devastating BRAC closings. [SB 318, 5/26/2015, Journal Page 2238]
  • Burton voted against developing a sexual abuse and sex trafficking prevention program for use in public schools to educate Texas students on the signs of human trafficking and abusive relationships [SB 2039, 5/28/2017 Journal Page 4074]
  • Burton was one of two Senators to vote against the creation of a new suicide prevention program for Texas educators so that teachers and other school employees would be up-to-date on the best practices and warning signs to prevent student suicide. [HB 2186, 5/27/2015, Journal Page 2428]

No doubt, Konni Burton will continue ducking her record and answering questions about the priorities of her special interest donors. I will continue talking about repairing public school funding, lowering property taxes and making sure Texans have access to quality, affordable healthcare.

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