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Local Firefighters Associations Throw Support Behind Beverly Powell in State Senate District 10

Fort Worth, TX—Senate District 10 candidate Beverly Powell has won the endorsement of the Fort Worth Professional Firefighters Association and the Arlington Professional Firefighters Association. The Fort Worth and Arlington associations join the Burleson Professional Firefighters and the Texas State Association of Fire Fighters in supporting Powell’s campaign.


Powell released the following statement: “Every person in our community depends upon the professionalism and bravery of firefighters and other first responders. As a State Senator, I will always fight to make sure our local fire departments have the tools they need to keep Texans’ safe. A strong local fire department is key to a safe city and an economically thriving community.


“I’m honored to have earned the trust and support of the Fort Worth and Arlington Firefighters Associations. Unlike Konni Burton, I’ll fight Austin politician’s attempts to take authority from local governments that support fire and police departments. And, unlike the incumbent, I know that investing in our first responders is a key to the long-term growth and prosperity of our state and local economies.”


The President of the Fort Worth Professional Firefighters Association, Michael Glynn, praised Powell’s commitment in their endorsement letter, “[Powell] recognizes that a strong fire department with dedicated firefighters is part of the backbone of a safe city that gives reason for businesses and families to move to Fort Worth and surrounding communities.”


David Crow, President of the Arlington Professional Firefighters Association, shared the view of his association saying Beverly Powell “will be an advocate for our Fire Fighters.”


Earlier in the year, the President of the Texas State Association of Fire Fighters, John Riddle, confirmed the support for Powell from state level, writing “We are hopeful a change in the district can once again help swing the state towards growth-based policies and away from harmful rhetoric pushed by a small, wealthy handful of people.”

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