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Our election is now more urgent than ever



The news coming out of Washington and Austin for the past year is concerning to say the least. Not a day goes by when I don’t turn on the TV worried about the future our elected officials are leaving for our children and our grandchildren. As a grandmother to seven, my concerns are personal.


This morning we learned that House Speaker Joe Straus will not seek reelection. While I did not agree with Speaker Straus on many issues, I appreciate the deliberative and thoughtful approach he took to conduct business in the Texas House. This past session, Speaker Straus resisted many of the worst instincts of his own party – from destructive private school vouchers to the job-killing bathroom bill.


Now, with Joe Straus leaving the State House, the Dan Patrick/Konni Burton/Empower Texans agenda could become the new normal. The Straus announcement and the possible fallout makes the 2018 elections more urgent than ever.


The most divisive and irresponsible voices in Austin are already celebrating. Empower Texans, the main funder of Jonathan Stickland- led House members and Dan Patrick/Konni Burton Senate radicals, have their eyes set on taking complete control of the Texas Legislature. We must come together to stop them.


Winning just one additional State Senate seat is crucial to stopping the-Dan Patrick/Empower Texans agenda from becoming law. One more vote in the State Senate will block the path for private school vouchers. One more vote will help end the attacks on school teachers, public employees and other working Texans. One more vote and one more voice is essential to fight back against the anti-business, anti-growth policies promoted by Dan Patrick and his willing followers like Konni Burton.


Senate District 10 is the best opportunity in Texas for a fair-minded, independent thinking Democrat to win a Republican-held seat and stand as a strong voice for mainstream Texans against the destructive Dan Patrick/Konni Burton agenda.

I know I’m not in this fight alone and that I can count on you. Please donate today to help our campaign win this crucial fight.


Our children and grandchildren will look back at how Texans responded to the radical, ideological shift in our State Capitol. We have not only an opportunity but also a grave responsibility to fight back on their behalf. Will you join me?


Your Friend and Next State Senator,

Beverly Powell

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