• Where Beverly Stands

    Beverly is continuing to have conversations with neighbors across Tarrant County to ensure a thorough understanding of the issues most important to District 10 citizens.


    Education is Beverly’s passion. As the former President of the Burleson School Board and the immediate past Chair of the Texas Wesleyan Board of Trustees, Beverly has devoted her life to creating opportunities for Texans of all ages to further their education and workforce training. She knows we must invest in Texas neighborhood schools and oppose efforts to impose a state funded voucher system. Beverly will work to ensure that Texas students have high-quality instruction in safe and secure environments and will provide Texas teachers with the tools and resources they need to help our kids succeed. She believes that we must reduce the emphasis on high-stakes standardized testing and instead emphasize a critical thinking and analytical reasoning based curriculum to accelerate the levels of student achievement. Beverly also believes that we must reform our state’s district assessment criteria, working towards a criteria that more clearly analyzes campus, district and state performance.


    Beverly will work to advance our state’s institutions of higher education and protect crucial financial aid opportunities for Texans. If Texas wishes to remain competitive and the most prosperous state in the nation, Texas leaders must promote the state’s community colleges and universities and invest in innovative research and development that will allow Texas to continue to lead globally in the decades ahead. Beverly will work to maintain set-aside and equalization grants utilized by Texas students of all backgrounds, including low and middle-income families, that make obtaining a college degree affordable.

    Property Taxes and Public Education Funding

    The state’s share of funding for public education is at a 20 year low and local property taxpayers are being forced to make up the difference. Beverly knows it is time to end the shell game and increase education funding at the state level. By increasing education funding, local property taxpayers will see much needed relief, teachers will see well-deserved pay raises and Texas school districts will be able to strategically plan for growth.

    Economic Growth and Jobs

    After 40 years working in real estate and residential development, Beverly understands we must create and sustain an economic environment where jobs are protected, high-quality jobs are created and families will thrive. She will advance strategic investments that will ensure business expansion, stimulate the economy and create jobs for Texas families. Beverly understands that by supporting meaningful tax reforms the economy will grow, the Texas workforce will have improved career opportunities and Texans will thrive.

    Health Care

    Healthy Texans are productive Texans. Beverly knows that access to quality and affordable health care will keep our state economy strong and is crucial to our quality of life in North Texas.Texas-focused solutions to improve health care options for all Texas families while encouraging job growth within the health industry should never be out of reach. Beverly will focus on bringing more resources to the Tarrant County medical community to meet the critical needs of local patients and healthcare providers.


    Recent reports of Texas’ rising maternal mortality rate are unacceptable. Beverly knows first-hand that prioritizing good care for mothers, for all women, and for the state’s children is crucial to the health of the family and of Texas. Beverly will focus her attention on expanding access to quality healthcare for all Texans, including our underserved populations--care focused on prevention, education and treatment.

    Local Control

    The best decisions are made by the voters closest to their public officials. Local leaders and those who hold them accountable should drive local decisions – not out of touch bureaucrats in Austin. The current legislative effort to diminish local control makes clear that many in the legislature simply do not trust Texans to make decisions for their own communities. Beverly will work to return authority to citizens and locally elected officials who understand the concerns of their community. Problems are created and not solved by Austin politicians micromanaging Texas communities.

    Protecting Texans

    As the mother of three children and grandmother of seven, there is no issue more important to Beverly than protecting Texas children and families. She will ensure that all Texans are safe in our neighborhoods and in our schools. And, Beverly will employ her proven non-partisan collaborative skills to work across the aisle to find substantive, long-term solutions to reform the state's broken foster care system.


    Beverly will make certain our first responders have the tools they need to protect and engage with Texans. Current legislation in Austin threatens the ability to appropriate adequate resources to provide police and firefighters with budgets that improve and promote safety in Texas communities. Beverly will fight for our first responders and public servants by opposing governmental overreach that threatens the right of public employees to make their own paycheck decisions.

    Military and Veterans

    Beverly has lived in North Texas her entire life. She knows the importance of the armed forces to our local economy and the defense of our nation. Beverly will fight to provide the men and women who serve and our broader Texas military communities the resources they need to do their jobs and keep us safe. She will work collaboratively to prevent Texas military communities from becoming subject to future federal government closures. And, as the daughter of a decorated World War II veteran and a grandchild raised in a Gold Star Family, Beverly deeply honors those who have served. She will fight for Texas veterans by supporting veteran programs and efforts to provide scholarships to veterans who have served our nation.


    As our State Senator, Beverly has authored legislation to promote and protect Texas military bases and military communities. After


    As a Christian, community volunteer and former local elected official, Beverly is committed to serving her fellow Texans. She is guided by faith and a strong belief in the goodness of Texans which demands equality for all. Our democracy is protected by equal access at the ballot-box, and opportunity and dignity are protected by equal pay for equal work. She believes that state leaders must work to protect our constitutional rights instead of working to take them away. Every Texan is diminished when any Texans’ rights are denied because of their race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

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